Monday, October 6, 2008


Nothing special about my aidilfitri experience for this year. For me, it just like a usual day, i just spent the whole day at home. The difference is just the dishes that my mother made during that day, such as rendang and ketupat. I really love that meals so much. Besides that, my siblings and i also give our co-operation in tidying up the house for hari raya. I think thats all that i can share about my aidilfitri experience...

Monday, August 4, 2008

How UiTMT students can improve their English?

Although most of the students think that English is very difficult, but ithey must do something to improve their English,because if they not doing anything, they would not get anywhere. There are many ways on how UiTMT students can improve their English.

One of the way to improve English is by reading English reading material everyday. The English reading material is very easy to get at the library or the students can also buy it on their own. The English reading material such as newspapers,books and magazines are easily available at anywhere. The example of newspapers and magazines are News Straits Times, The Star, Galaxies and others. When they consistantlly reading these English reading material, they would also gain more knowledge and learn new words. Therefore, the UiTMT students should read English reading material of at least one book in a month to improve their English.

Besides that, the students can also improve their English by practise to speak in English everyday. They can practise that with their classmates, roomates or even with their lecturers. When they always practise to speak English, they will automatically improve their English because practise makes perfect. They should not be shy to speak in English because they can learn from their mistakes, and everybody had a mistakes. Therefore, practise to speak in English is one of the effective way to improve English among the UiTMT students.

In addition, the UiTMT students can also develop their English by watching English films. They can easily improve their English by watching English films because they can learn new vocabularies and also learn how to pronounce certain English words clearly and correctly. Futhermore, they should watch English films at least once a week to improve their English. They can watch this film in television or they might borrow it from their friends because the English fillms is very easy to get nowdays. Thus, watching English films an entertaining way to improve English.

As a conclusion, the students can use which ways that they would like to follow in order to improve their writing or speaking skills in English. This is because the English is very important to their daily life.

Monday, July 21, 2008

what I had learnt today?

What I had learnt today in BEL 260 class is I learnt about simple present tense and how to use it in our daily life. I also learnt about present continuous tense and the different between the two of it. I also learnt about how to recognize the sentence and how to perform the sentence using the correct verbs..

Monday, July 14, 2008


Hi!!!...This is my first blog,welcome...My full name is Norhilwani Binti Che Awang..My parents call me achik but my friends call me wani..So, you can call me whatever you want..I"m a helpful and easy-going person. ..That's is what I like about myself...My weakness is I'm actually hard to get up in the morning but I try to overcome it..I come from Kelantan and now I studying in UITM Terengganu..I have five siblings and I"m the third..Therefore, I have four sisters and I feel very lucky to have them.. that's all!!!